FOSS4G is the annual global event of free and open source geographic technologies and open geospatial data hosted by OSGeo. In 2023 it took place in Prizren, Kosovo.


Self-hosted CMS maps for everyone

Privacy aware Content Managment System (CMS) operators don’t let their viewers accept cookies from an external map provider. But creating a map used to require specialized GIS knowledge and hosting a map server is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This talk explains how non-experts can serve a map based on OpenStreetMap vector tiles from a CMS. A MapLibre GL JS based Wordpress plugin displaying a self-hosted PMTiles dataset is shown as an example.

QGIS Web Client 2 Update

QWC2 (QGIS Web Client 2) is modular and extensible, and provides both an off-the-shelf web application and a development framework: you can start simple and easy with the demo application, and then customize your application at will, based on your needs and development capabilities.

BBOX – a modular OGC API server

BBOX is a new OGC API Open Source implementation, with support for established OGC services driven by MapServer or QGIS Server. BBOX is implemented in Rust, with a built-in high-performance web server.

  • Supported OGC API Services:
    • OGC API - Maps, with support for OGC WMS 1.3
    • OGC API - Tiles, with support for WMTS and XYZ endpoints
    • OGC API - Features
    • OGC API - Processes, with multiple processing engine backends
  • Enterprise ready:
    • Authentication / Authorization
    • Instrumentation + Monitoring
    • First class Docker support
  • Simple usage:
    • bbox serve –map alaska.qgz