How can you edit Word documents with embedded EMF/WMF drawings in Libreoffice?

Well, you can’t (as of Libreoffice v7.4.5). But there’s a workaround.

What you can do is to transform the EMF/WMF into something else and edit that instead:

  1. Open the word document in Libreoffice, save it in “Open Document”/od* format and print the document into a PDF.
  2. Now also open the PDF from within Libreoffice.
  3. Copy the EMF/WMF drawing from the PDF and replace the drawing inside the “Open Document” with it.

The drawing from the PDF will have forgotten how things fit together (f.ex. a box and its background will be separate objects, an arrow will be a triangle and a line etc.), but the look of the copied objects will be quite the same as in the original and you’ll be able to continue working on and editing the drawing inside Libreoffice.