Quantum QGIS, a user-friendly and full featured Open Source GIS suite, is used in a wide range of professional enterprise infrastructures. Sourcepole, located in Zurich, Switzerland, now fills the last gap, which has prevented many organizations from the use of QGIS in enterprise infrastructures so far - they offer professional support directly from QGIS core developers. With QGIS Enterprise long term support and maintenance, the customer gets a professionally supported and maintained GIS infrastructure based on QGIS.

QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). It is developed since 2002 by a very active developer community and runs on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and Android. It provides all features required for a desktop GIS in enterprise use. This includes interfaces to many data formats, extensive analysis functionality, support of main specifications of the Open Geospatial Consortium, numerous styling options, production of ready to print maps and extenddability via Python interface.

The upcoming QGIS Release 2.0 is the basis of the QGIS Enterprise Suite consisting of QGIS Desktop, QGIS Server and QGIS Web Client. These components are maintained by Sourcepole apart from the QGIS community project. Backward compatibility to QGIS 1.8 (Lisboa) plays a major role, because most existing plugins, will not be compatible with the upcoming QGIS community version 2. QGIS Enterprise is currently available for Ubuntu / Debian, RedHat 6, Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit.

Since 2003 Sourcepole is significantly involved in the development of QGIS and supports organizations from 2 to 140,000 employees in the use of QGIS. As an official committer to several OSGeo projects, Sourcepole is able to integrate customer specific extensions into the main software repositories. Improvements of QGIS Enterprise, if possible, will always go back into the QGIS community development.