pilot-link is a suite of tools for communicating with 3Com Pilots. Most applications use this basic library.


J-Pilot is a palm pilot desktop for Linux/Unix


KPilot is software for syncing the 3Com Palm Pilot and IBM Workpad (UNTESTED!) with a machine running some flavor of unix.

Current features include:

  • Plug in conduit support, currently including KOrganizer and PopMail
  • Beta 4 compliant
    • Hot-Sync daemon. - Now hot-sync with just the push of the Hot-Sync button on your cradle. No need to launch KPilot.
    • Add/Delete/Edit memos.
    • Add/Delete/Edit addresses.
    • Full Category support for both memos and addresses.
    • KPilot now respects secret data.
    • More configuration options including port speed and docking control.
    • Now supports signature files for email.
    • Drag and drop to docked icon for file install.
    • International Support
    • Full Backup/Restore capabilities of Palm Pilot
    • File (prc,pdb) installation
    • Email syncing capabilities (via POP3 & sendmail)
    • SmartSync backing up modified data even for databases KPilot doesn’t recognize
    • Import/Export to/from virtually any text format for Addresses.
    • Import/Export to/from text files for memos


Gnome-Pilot is a package with a daemon (gpilotd) that monitor for pilot connects on one or more devices (cradles/XCopilots/xxx). It has a conduit system, and is accompanied by a few conduits, basically for installing files and backing up db’s from the pilot. A few more interesting conduits exist, eg. the email conduit.


PilotManager is a tool that allows you to synchronize databases on any 3Com Palm device (PalmPilot, PalmIII, PalmIIIx, PalmV, more?) with applications on your Unix platform. It is a full Hotsync daemon that is user extensible. Developers can write their own conduits to synchronize Pilot databases with the desktop application of their choice!


StarOffice is a powerful, cross-platform office productivity suite that delivers seamless access to applications and files.

  • Synchronization of the ‘To Do List’ (Palm) with the ‘Tasks’ (StarOffice Schedule).
  • Synchronization of the ‘DATE Books’ (Palm) with the ‘Events’ (StarOffice Schedule).
  • Synchronization of the ‘Address List’ (Palm) with the ‘Address Book’ (StarOffice).

Homepage: http://www.sun.com/staroffice Latest release: 5.2 License: Sun Public License Screenshot: See it

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