The Delphi/Kylix GIS components connect your application with a WMS or UMN map server. The map viewer component has all the basic functionality for viewing, navigating and querying maps. WMS (Web Map Service) is a specification of the Open GIS Consortium supported by many free and commercial web mapping servers. You can use maps from the numerous public WMS or UMN sites with native GUI elements - without browser. These components are written as portable CLX components and tested with Kylix 3 and Delphi 7.


Map viewer component integrated in the demo application


  • Included connectors: WMS, UMN map server
  • Optional overview map
  • Zoom, Pan
  • Support for multiple layers
  • Querying for information at a map position
  • Querying multiple layers (drill down)
  • Legend from UMN map server


  • TCmpUMNClient: component to connect to a UMN map server
  • TCmpWMSClient: component to connect to a WMS map server
  • TMapViewer: viewer component to view and navigate on a map


You can download the fully functional demo components

The only restriction of the demo components is an embedded copyright text.

Status / Support

This software is not maintained anymore and no support is available.

If you are interested in taking over developement, we will hand over the source code under an open source license. Please contact

gis at

Lists of WMS map server: