An ISP was facing the situation, that many of his clients would maintain their websites themselves and the webteam would quite often have to apply some finishing touch, corrections etc. Unfortunately the uploaded files did not have very useful permissions to perform that task. Each time the webteam had to su, chmod and chgrp, which was a bit of a risky thing to do, especially since they were not knowledgeable about UNIX…


The following patch applies to wu-ftpd-academ- and adds two new configuration features to ftpaccess. It is not known how well the patch applies to current wu-ftpds. From experience the adaptation of the patch to current wu-ftpds should not be very difficult.

New Features

**guestgroupid XXXXXX

guestgroupperm XXXX**

The first feature adds a means to define under which groupid files uploaded by a guestgroup-member should be saved. Example: the ISP was using:

# 150 is the web group guestgroupid 150

to have uploaded files saved under group id of the web team.

The second feature adds a means to define under which permissions the uploaded file should be saved.

The ISP was using:

guestgroupperm 0664

which enabled the web team to modify uploaded pages…


It is possible, that the problem could have been solved differently - I couldn’t figure out how though - I think this is a generic UNIX problem with file permissions - so I wrote the patch. If you employ or adapt the patch then please send me some feedback (

tpo_hp at


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