Glue is the working title of a project that intends to replace or at least to complete or complement today’s money or currency system. month: “2001/12” year: “2001”

It is based on the idea of a credit/debit system. In past times this system needed a centralised controlling authority. With the uprise of public key systems and trust rings a central point is not required any longer.

Glue at it’s current stage is not even alpha and aspires to explore the concept and eventually provide a proof of concept implementation.

This page has not been officialy published anywhere. If you’ve found it and are interested in helping with the project, then please contact me at “tpo_hp at”.

Available Software: Glue.tgz GPG.tgz - this is a modified version of GPG a Perl module being developped by Philippe Froidevaux.

The insiration for this project comes from Futuremoney - thanks to Peter Winzeler for giving me the book for reading!