1. create a new project (this is just a convenience - you only need the ELINOS.sh script)
  2. execute “. ELINOS.sh”
  3. get the busybox*.tar package and untar it
  4. edit the Config.h file and decidewhat you want in the busybox
  5. edit the Makefile.
  6. set DOSTATIC apropriately
  8. make
  9. make install
  10. cd /opt/elinos/i386-target/[static|libc6|libc5] (depending on what you want to change, idealy all three)
  11. move the current busy-box away: “mv busybox busybox-0.46”
  12. copy the busybox you have created here: “cp -a NEW_BUSYBOX_PROJECT_DIR/busybox-0.51/_install/ busybox-0.51.with-ifconfig”
  13. make a symbolic link to it: “ln -s busybox-0.51.with-ifconfig busybox”
  14. maybe reiterate for [static|libc6|libc5]
  15. now you can go ahead with your current project