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Debian Repository

How to get at sourcepole’s Debian Packages

Add the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb http://sourcepole.ch/sources/software/debian ./ deb-src http://sourcepole.ch/sources/software/debian ./

Or just download them and “dpkg -i” them.

Our repository can be found at http://sourcepole.ch/sources/software/debian.

pinepgp for gpg

This page serves as a refernce to my hack of pinepgp which enables it to work also with gpg instead of only with pgp. If the original authors will mind to include my mods, then I’ll probably dump this page, otherwise it will live on for ever to serve the world and help to enable people to use their pine together with gpg ;v) Here are the scripts. Download them and untar them into /usr/lib/pinepgp. Check out the README file to get your pine configured for use with pinepgp/gpg.


Ispell-choose is a wrapper around ispell that let’s you choose first which dictionary/language you want to use and then calls ispell. This is usefull for programms such as pine that use ispell as their spellchecker.