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Topiq is a knowledge management tool based on topic maps. It can be used as a desktop database with built-in entry forms for notes, books and media. Thanks to the topic map organisation you can order your entries into multiple hirarchies like projects, document types, categories etc. Spezial features are a language-independant fuzzy search and an automatic sort function based on word similarities. User Interfaces are available for Linux/KDE and the SHARP Zaurus SL5000. The current KDE version is spezialized on managing bookmarks. It imports and exports Netscape, Mozilla and KDE2 (XBEL) bookmark files and imports KDE1 bookmarks and Windows IE Favorites.


Topiq Screenshot Topiq Screenshot Topiq Screenshot Topiq Screenshot Topiq Screenshot Topiq Screenshot ———————————————————– —————————————————————

karm patches

Current work is happening in the Unstable_Developpment branch in the KDE CVS.

Enjoy! Tomas Pospisek


The Debian package of Martin Blais’ powerful visual diff and merge tool xxdiff can be found here.

xxpatch is a little tool that let’s you apply patches without altering your original sources and let’s you see and merge the result inside xxdiff.

Enjoy! Tomas Pospisek

KDE Klipper Tricks

Do you often use CRTL-ALT-R to jump to a selected URL in KDE. Here’s how you can add your a “search on Google” or “search on Leo” Shortcut to Klipper… (loosely based on Derek Fountain’s work).

tpo2:/home/tpo# cat /usr/local/bin/kde_googlize2
googleWord=`echo "$@"| tr " " "+"| tr "\n" "+"| awk '{sub("\+$",""); print
$0}'`exec kfmclient openURL "http://www.google.com/search?q=$googleWord"
exit 0

Click on the Klipper Icon:

select “Preferences” and then “Actions” and then enter add the following Actions, respectively Command to it (use the right mouse button):

Now you can mark some words, press CTRL-ALT-R and the respective character and off you go. Enjoy!