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J-Eiffel - A Eiffel-to-Java compiler

J-Eiffel is a Eiffel compiler with JVM bytecode generation.

Copyright (c) 1997-99 by Pirmin Kalberer. For license terms see COPYING (Berkeley-style license).

Download: Source-Distribution

Note: This software is unmaintained! Have a look at SmartEiffel.


xpm2e, a script that converts xpm files to Eiffel declarations



ldap2zaurus.rb is a simple Ruby script for exporting addresses from an LDAP directory to the XML format used by the Zaurus’ address book.



The Zaurus addressbook.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE Addressbook >

    <Contact Title="title" FirstName="firstname"
    MiddleName="middlename" LastName="lastname" Suffix="suffix"
    FileAs="lastname, firstname middlename" JobTitle="b-jobtitle"
    Department="b-department" Company="b-company"
    BusinessPhone="b-phone" BusinessFax="b-fax"
    BusinessMobile="b-mobile" DefaultEmail="email#1"
    Emails="email#1 email#2" HomePhone="h-phone" HomeFax="h-fax"
    BusinessStreet="b-street1 b-street2 b-street3 b-street4"
    BusinessCity="b-city" BusinessState="b-state"
    BusinessZip="b-zip" BusinessCountry="b-country"
    BusinessPager="b-pager" BusinessWebPage="b-webpage"
    Office="b-office" Profession="b-profession"
    Assistant="b-assistant" Manager="b-manager"
    HomeStreet="h-street1 h-street2 h-street3 h-street4"
    HomeCity="h-city" HomeState="h-state" HomeZip="h-zip"
    HomeCountry="h-country" HomeWebPage="h-webpage" Spouse="spouse"
    Gender="1" Birthday="birthday" Anniversary="anniversary"
    Nickname="nickname" Children="child#1 child#2" Notes="notes"
    Categories="1023544920" Uid="-1044016718" />

Eiffel libraries


EiffelBDB is an Eiffel interface to the Berkeley DB. Berkeley DB is an embedded database system that supports key access to data. Berkeley DB also provides core database services like page cache management, transactions, locking and logging. This wrapper was created with the help of SWIGEIFFEL an extension of SWIG to produce Eiffel interfaces to C libraries.


Eiffel-mmap is an Eiffel interface to the mmap system call to map files into memory. The file is accessed via string operations rather than through I/O library function calls and input buffers. This is normally much faster because it uses the same virtual memory management mechanism as the operating system itself.


gtkxmhtml 0.1, an Eiffel interface to the GNOME gtk-xmhtml widget. The gtk-xmhtml widget displays HTML pages. This wrapper was created with the help of SWIGEIFFEL an extension of SWIG to produce Eiffel interfaces to C libraries.

CVS tree of the most recent version of the library

DOG (Data Organizer)


DOG is a personal knowledge manager based on topic maps. At the the current stage it is spezialized on managing bookmarks. It imports and exports Netscape, Mozilla and KDE2 (XBEL) bookmark files and imports KDE1 bookmarks and Windows IE Favorites.


DOG Screenshot


Note: It’s nearly impossible to run or compile this version with a current Linux distribution, sorry!