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Current Udpcast packages can be found at Debian’s site. I only maintain a udpcast package compiled for woody here.

Additionaly you’ll find below a preview release for unstable based on the udpcast 20030601 alpha release. It does contain a few crude packaging hacks from my part but should work nevertheless.

Feedback wellcome.



Alpha 20030601 preview for unstable:

udpcast_20030605b-1.diff.gz udpcast_20030605b-1_i386.deb udpcast_20030605b.orig.tar.gz

building your own “official” kernel source packages

Ever wondered how you can build your own kernel with make-kpkg so that changes in the changelog will be preserved and your revision number from the changelog will be used? The answer is:

echo > debian/official

The rationale is here..