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Letting Twinkle handle ‘callto’ URLs in Firefox

There’s an extension for Firefox called Twinklefox. However it doesn’t run under FF 3.5. I’ve bumped the version in install.rdf, but twinkle won’t get called correctly none the less.

I browsed FF’s settings and … made a little wrapper script to call twinkle:

$ cat /usr/local/bin/twinkle_callto
# firefox will call twinkle_callto like this:
#   twinkle_callto callto:+41812528006

number=`echo "$1" | sed 's/callto://'`
exec /usr/bin/twinkle --call "$number"

There you go. Very easy.

Go to Preferences->Applications and add this script to handle “callto” URLs. That’s it. You will be able to click on a callto: URL and be handed over to Twinkle.